Tips and Tricks for Family Travel

Family Travel Made Easy is a comprehensive guide for parents who want to make traveling with their kids an enjoyable and stress free experience.

You'll find ideas for what and how to pack, how to entertain the family on long journeys, and a few product ideas to keep you in the know.

If you've been thinking about spending more time outside with nature, but camping with little ones seems unlikely, we can help you with that, too.

With a little extra planning and our camping tips, you'll be excited again about sharing the world with your kids.

We'll even tell you about places all over the world, not just where we live, so you may want to subscribe to our Facebook page or news feed to keep in touch (orange button on right).

Check out our Featured Pages:

Keeping your kids safe in the car while traveling this holiday season

Apps for Keeping Kids Happy on a Road Trip

Or check out our tips on Planning a great holiday or vacation. We also have plenty of ideas for Car Travel and Flying with Kids.

Kids swiming

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY we have a great Kids Section with loads of ideas and tools to help keep the kids happy whilst on vacation.

Check out our great Family Travel with KID’S SECTION!

We have a whole section dedicated to:

Choosing where to stay when on vacation can be hard, making sure you get a place you like at the right price. Do your research and compare your accommodation alternatives and prices.

If you have a larger family, it can also be difficult to find suitable accommodation for all the family. Sometimes hotels are more hassle than they are worth. Why not choose an easy self catering holiday cottage, you can holiday at your own leisure.

If you're fortunate enough to be in a position to purchase your own holiday home you might be thinking about what are the best options to furnish and accommodate as many people as possible. Bunk Beds for Kids offer a huge selection of high quality, safe and attractive bunk beds for kids. Check out for loads of great options.

We at Family Travel Made Easy live in Australia, check out our article on Holidays in Australia – Getting the best deal possible for tips on traveling to Oz.

Whilst our site is about travelling with kids, we do like to give you loads of hot tips on great places to visit in OZ and the USA.

Remember, traveling with your family is one of the best activities to do to grow closer together, but sometimes stuff happens, things can go wrong.

Don't forget to protect you and your family whilst away, we have loads of tips and advice on this. In particular, Identity theft is a growing epidemic. Protect yourself and your family the next time you travel.

Travel planning is also important and includes having a Savings Plan start one today if you haven't already. It's never too soon to start planning for your next vacation. And if you're flying, have you consider the finer details like Airport Parking 

Finally, for me personally, one of the most important things to remember on your family travels is to capture all the amazing memories that happen along the way.

So, stop by for loads of tips and advice on visiting the snow.

Or perhaps going to the beach is more your style.

Finally for the frugal holiday maker, check out our Camping Guide.

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