About Us

Hi, and welcome to our site.

Family Travel Made Easy is a family based business, striving to be a one stop resource for all things family, kids, and travel.

The site now has new owners, but continues to be a family based business.  After the ownership transition is completed, we'll share more about our family, but until then read about the site's lovely founders.

The Site's Founding Family

Our names are Rodney and Mandy and with three children we have experienced the trials and tribulations that are associated with travelling with kids. We want to share our knowledge and experience, helping make your journey 'stress free' from the start.

We are located in Melbourne, Australia and have no family in our area. Therefore we are travelling to visit someone, somewhere often.

With no local family network, we were also looking for an opportunity that allows us to create a good work / life balance for our children, whilst doing something that we enjoyed.

A note from Mandy.......

Not only did I want to spend more time with my family, I have been in my current job now for more than 10 years and wanted to do something new, that was inspiring and motivating.

The internet is definitely an essential tool in our home these days and it seemed like the obvious outlet for me. So after many hours thinking about what we would do, we decided to create www.family-travel-made-easy.com

For me this is only the beginning. My ultimate goal is to move out of the call centre environment completely and support my family through my IT ventures. At this stage I have no idea what the future will hold, all I can hope is that whatever I am doing, it allows me to spend quality time with my children as they grow.

Kind Regards

Mandy xo

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