Aquatica Water Park

The Aquatica Water Park is a fun water park associated with Sea World.

Now this is definitely a place that will keep the family amused for hours and hours on end.

There are loads of water rides to choose from, so if you prefer a bit of adventure try some of our favorites.

The Dolphin Plunge – Two side by side enclosed tube slides that see you race through an underwater world where you will see a pod of Commerson's Dolphins.

And if that is not enough, try:

Roa's Rapids – Here you'll race along an action river full of white water rapids, including high tides and swirling whirlies only found at Aquatica.

However if that all makes your tummy turn, there are some more low key rides for you, such as:

Loggerhead Lane – This one is a leisurely raft ride that simply drifts you down the river, where you'll view an underwater world full of colorful tropical fish.

Aquatica Water Park Video

So, as you can see, there really is something here for kids of all ages, and of course the adults too!

The park itself is designed to cater for different ages and needs, for example ‘Walk about waters' is the perfect spot for a young family, this area has a great toddler size pool with loads of slides and activities to keep those younger ones amused.

The park also ensures you only need to take yourself, with 3 restaurants to choose from your biggest decision will be what to have for lunch.

There is even a licensed bar for those old enough.

But remember always be responsible when mixing alcohol with water.

Aquatica is open all year round, however we recommend checking their website for operating hours as this does vary throughout the year.

They are located at 5800 Water Play Way, Orlando, FL 32821

Telephone: 1-888-800-5447


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