Austin Things to Do

Fun Family Getaway Ideas in Texas

Austin Things to Do and See, what kind of family vacation will you have?

Austin, Texas is a great spot to visit with your family. It’s surprising just how much there is to do. Be sure to allow plenty of time. In Austin things to do and see include:

The Austin Zoo

All kids love a zoo, don't they?  Well this one has a little bit of extra love to offer.

It started out as a goat ranch, before becoming the Good Day Ranch which catered to animals in need.

At that time, the animals consisted mostly of goats, pigs, deers, donkeys and ponies, with just a few exotic animals.

However these days it has quite a range of both.

The mission of Austin Zoo and Animal Sanctuary is to assist animals in need through rescue, rehabilitation and education, which means you can go and enjoy yourself whilst also sharing a special message with the kids.

More Austin Things To Do

Barton Springs Pool

This pool is a man made recreational swimming pool which is located in the channel of Barton Creek and is filled by water from the main Barton Spring in Texas.

The pool is surrounded by grassy slopes which create a fabulous setting for relaxation and family fun.

It's open from Friday to Wednesdays, during this time they close the floodgates to the dam stopping the water from entering the pool.

The Austin Bats & Tours

There are bats that live under the Congress Avenue Bridge. These are a must see. They are very popular, so much so that you can go on a Bat Watching Cruise or a Kayak / Bat Watching Tour.

Interesting fact: The bats are expected to consume between 10,000 and 30,000 pounds of insects every single night. I think it's fair to say they earn their keep.

The Austin Nature and Science Center

This center is primarily designed for those that live in the surrounding area; however it is still a fantastic tourist attraction. This nature and science center will ensure you learn something new, it's impossible not to!

From animal exhibits and the dino pit exhibit it's certain to grab little one's attention. It is recommended for families of all ages, starting from 2 years of age. So go along with an attitude of go-see-do and get involved in the activities on offer through exhibitions and workshops, a great way to burn up some of that extra energy.

And if you're happy to head outside of Austin (and have older children) then the Cypress Valley Canopy Tours should be on top of your Austin things to do and see list.

Cypress Valley Canopy Tours

The Canopy Tour is a tour for those with a bit of an adventurous spirit. You'll be taken on a tour via zip lines and sky bridges, so definitely not for the faint hearted. Note: most of the zip lines are approx 40 foot above ground.

If you're sick of hearing your teenagers wine about being bored or not wanting to participate in family activities, taken them here! This is for most a once in a lifetime experience and a great way to bring everyone together.

And if the family thrives on the experience, why not try the Canopy Challenge or even stay the night in their loft haven.

So in Austin things to do and see are plentiful, these suggestions are just a snippet of what's on offer, plan your next vacation or if you're close enough perhaps even a weekend away.

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