Baby Travel Toys

Cool Baby Toys for Fun Family Vacations

Baby travel toys are an important part of any family vacation with kids under 5.

Given that babies are so young, they are not going to remember the tourist attractions or even the fun they had, so the best way you can ensure fun and entertainment for them is through their toys.

Plus, remember if you take the time to keep baby happy you'll soon find that everyone else can enjoy their vacation too.

Below we have provided you with a small list of cool baby toys that are suitable for travel. (Note: most of these are simply great fun for home too!).

From toys that clip onto your baby seat enhancing the travel experience, through to toys for play anywhere.

Tips for Choosing Baby Travel Toys

baby doll toys
  • Compact toys are usually important. There are so many things we need to take with us when we travel with a baby, we don't need to be taking bags of bulky toys with us too.
  • Reduce the number of pieces. You don't want to be forever trying to find missing pieces. Nor do you want baby screaming on the plane because the ball keeps falling on the floor and rolling down the other end of the plane. This will end up being more trouble than it's worth.
  • Toys that clip on are a winner! You can clip them onto your baby's travel chair, a high chair in a restaurant, the stroller, a seat belt. You name it! You're sure to find something to clip it to and again this will minimize loss and the requirement for you to continually collect it.
  • Consider noise of the toys. Whilst noise is fun, really noisy toys are best kept for home. Lets face it, if you're driving for hours on end, hearing the same noise over and over will send you bonkers, likewise for neighboring passengers on a plane.

Traveling Baby Toy Ideas

Here are a few ideas for travel toys for babies and toddlers.  If you have a great idea, maybe you could tell us what worked for you.

  • Soft dolls that have things to do, such as buttons, zippers, and sounds.
  • Small plastic books that will hold up to the wear and tear.
  • Your Smartphone is a great entertainment device, as you may already know. 
  • Small pad and pencils, crayons, or pens. Sometimes you can pick these up in a restaurant while you're having lunch if you forgot to pack them.

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