Beach Games

A list of Fun Games for the Whole Family

Beach games are a great way to pass the time when spending the day at the beach.

Whether you are playing a game for one or two, or for a whole team, there is something here for everyone, even the big kids at heart. The whole family is encouraged to get involved and create fun beach games.

Combine this with building sand castles and collecting shells, not to mention, playing in the water and you're sure to have a memorable day with the kids wanting to come back for more.

Check out our ideas for great kids beach games or tell everyone about YOUR favourite beach games.


Also known as Tic Tac Toe, this is an all time favorite for kids.

Draw a grid in the sand; make it three squares by three squares.

Person A uses Naught to mark their spot

Person B uses Crosses to mark their spot

Each player takes it in turns until someone gets three in a row.

It does not matter if it's from side to side or up or down or diagonally.

You can take it in turns earning 1 point for every game you win, or simply make it the best of three.


You need two people to play this game.

Person A creates a grid in the sand, it's up to you how big you make it, and we recommend perhaps four squares by four squares.

Then person A, using shells has to create a random pattern by putting the shells in several squares.

Person A should allow person B a minute to look at the grid pattern and then cover it with a beach towel.

Person B then has to draw their own grid and see if they can remember the layout of person A's grid.

You can take it in turns earning 1 point for every time you get it right, or simply make it the best of three.


Regardless of how many kids there are fill up a water balloon with water and play pass the balloon, picking people randomly to pass it to, however don't pass throw it high and call out their name, then it's up to them to catch it.

When and if it's dropped, just fill up another balloon and start again.

If you plan ahead, you can just take a bucket full of balloons with you to the beach. The winner could be the person who catches the most without breaking balloons.


There are two different ways to play this game. You can either make 10 pins by filling up a cup with wet sand and then turn it upside down to make a pin (just like you would make a sand castle).

Or if you prefer you can dig a hole for the pins, allowing the ball to roll into the holes.

Either way you put one in the first row, two in the second row and so on until you have ten pins.

Draw a line in the sand and get each person to have two turns at rolling a ball toward the pins, re-creating the pins each time.

The person who knocks over the most pins, wins, or alternatively the person gets the ball in the highest scoring hole wins (with each hole being worth a different amount).


No matter what your kid's age they can all have a go at drawing pictures in the sand.

You can use a twig, shells or other beach utensils to draw your picture. Perhaps even have a competition, as to who can create the best picture.


Depending on the number of kids you have with you at the beach, you could break them up into teams. Then create a list of events, with teams scoring points for each win.

The winning team should have a prize.

Some events you could have included:

Three legged race – tie two kids together by the ankles, encouraging them to coordinate their movements to run. Whichever team makes it to the end first wins.

Long Jump – Draw a line in the sand. Have each kid run up to the line and jump. Whoever jumps the longest distance wins.

Hurdles – Lay a number of items in the sand, twigs, spades, whatever you have handy. Get each child to hop the course, hoping over the items. The kid to do it in the fastest time wins.

Athletic Beach Games


A great team sport is cricket. If you have limited numbers, you can have one batsman and the rest of the family is the fielders.

Have a post or point where the batter needs to run to, to score a run. If they are caught then they are out.


This is a fantastic traditional beach game. Erect a net and split the family members / friends into even groups.

Hit the ball back and forth over the net without letting it touch the ground. Each time a team lets it touch the ground they lose a point. Each team could start on 20 and the first to zero loses.


You can just have a social game, kicking the ball back and forth between kids for fun, or you could set up goals and create teams, with each team getting a point each time they get a goal.

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