Benefits of a Campervan When Camping with Kids

Our family has just begun exploring the benefits of a campervan.

I have to admit that as a family we have really embraced the Caravan Park holiday. It's affordable and they offer so much more than a bed to lay your head.

We've always booked cabins because we quickly discovered we'd outgrown our tent.

But last year as we sat in our little cabin, we could look out the window at all the families who'd set up camp sites across from us.

We were inspired!

We wanted to embrace the rough and tumble of a camping adventure.

We had loads and loads of ideas to get us thinking.

Hippie Campervan

So we considered our options

A family size tent

A camper trailer

A campervan


A caravan

So how do you know what is the right option for your family?

We spent a bit of time talking to the experts; we went to the Camping Expos, touched base with our friends, and asked anyone that would listen.

We've opted for a Campervan, because we think it's the best fit for our family (at this point in time).

Benefits of a Campervan

Instead of hiring a cabin you have your own space, including all your own personal items, cups, plates, and cutlery.

You never have to worry about whether they were washed properly by the previous tenant, because that tenant is always you.

You can store your camping goods inside the campervan when not in use.

Items such as bedding, camping chairs, foldable tables etc can all be kept inside the campervan rather than having to find a cupboard or space in the garage.

You have a kitchen.  Even though you are camping and can enjoy the perks of a campfire and the great outdoors, you can also have access to a few items that make life a lot easier, for instance, a fridge. Transporting food for a longer period of time is now hassle free.

A good annexe provides a great outdoor space for kids.  An annexe can provide children a place to play (especially younger children) where they are more secure and not free to roam.  If you have fly net sides they still very much feel a part of the outdoors also.

It's fair to say that we are really motivated to buy a campervan, now just to find the right one for our budget!

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