Best Travel Stroller

Finding the Perfect Travel Stroller for Your Family

If you are going to be travelling with a young child you need to consider how you are going to get around.

Check out our review on the best travel stroller. Why a travel stroller you ask?

We have a double pram which is quite expensive and heavy too.

We didn't want to risk it getting damage or going missing.

Plus if you are flying, some airlines will take into consideration the weight of the stroller and add that to your cargo / luggage.

As a result we decided we need to invest in a stroller.

When looking to find the perfect travel stroller we considered some of the following:

# Is it light weight?

# Is it compact when folded down?

# Does the back rest recline?

# How much do we want to spend?

All of these factors impacted our decision.

In the end we purchased the Sprint Stroller from Kmart, it came in under $100 which was great. It was very light weight and compact when put down

We did look at a couple of cheaper options again, but when you get into the cheapest range the strollers seem to be really heavy and often don't recline.

Initially after having our expensive high quality pram, it did feel like it did not ride as smoothly, but we got over that quite quickly.

We now love our stroller and would suggest it is one of the best travel strollers available.

Other strollers that appear to be very similar to this is Chicco C6 light weight stroller or the Maclaren Volo light weight stroller.

A decision we weren't sure about turned into a necessity with our daughter constantly in the stroller whilst on holidays and a life saver at the airport too.

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