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Caveworks is the centre point for visiting the local caves in Margaret River. There is the Lake Cave, Mammoth Cave and Jewel Cave.

Caveworks itself is the Eco-friendly centre designed to provide you with loads of information about the history of the caves within the region.

The kids will love the interactive caves in the centre. They have been modelled around the real thing to give people a feel for what they are like. They have some great replicas of the formations within these caves.

It's definitely worth testing out you'd go in a tunnel by crawling through through the model tunnels in the centre.

Especially for young kids who might not physically be able to visit the real caves.

It is definitely one of those tourist destinations that is not only fun, it's also very educational. As parents it always makes us feel good to know our children might enjoy learning.

If you are going to visit any of the three caves mentioned above you will receive a free pass to Caveworks in the price of the ticket.

We recommend you check out Lake Cave (if you are fit!) This truly is beautiful, nature at it's finest. The lake is inside the cave and acts as a mirror, which reflect on the crystal formations. Lake Cave is famous for its 'Suspended Table'.

What is this you ask?

It's a huge column of calcite that appears to hang from the ceiling of the cave, defying gravity, it sits just above the lake.

Check out a photo we took when we visited the lake, the suspended table is awesome. (and looks even better in real life).

Fact: The Suspended Table weighs in excess of five tonnes.

Like we mentioned you need to be fit, the trip to the cave starts with a massive decline, which requires you to walk down 350 stairs (trust me, its hard work, especially when you have to get back up. We made sure we got our certificate to verify we did it!)

On the journey down you pass some awesome limestone cliffs, and ancient trees that are over 20 stories high.

The tour is awesome as you discover the history of the cave and details about the people that discovered it. (We won't spoil it for you now, but it's an amazing story).

Lake Caves is situated on Caves Road right next to Caveworks making it the most convenient of the caves to visit.

However if you do want to visit more than one cave, you can purchase discounted tickets making it more affordable.

This is certainly something that every child should experience at some stage, and is a great way to keep in touch with our natural history.

If you're thinking about taking a trip down to the Margaret River why not book your Margaret River Accommodation here.

Have you been to The to either of these two top sites or perhaps one of the other caves? Why not tell us what you think. We are keen to share your feedback with our other readers.

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