Chuckies Travel Sickness Bags

Chuckies Travel Sickness Bags - July 2011

Do you have a child who suffers from car sickness?

Managing this can be difficult. I know myself what it is like to suffer from this illness as a child all too well, having spent many a road trips with the family, holding a giant bucket 'just in case' I needed it.

It wasn't really an effective way to travel, especially when there were three of us squished in the back of the car.

Recently I stumbled across this great product for managing car sickness. It's called Chuckies – Travel Sickness Bags.

They remind me a lot of the vomit bags you see in the hospitals. It's made up of a hard plastic lip in which to hold onto and a loose bag attached to it.

Chuckies Travel Sickness Bags

What's so great about that you ask?

Well because of the bag it's compact. So you can easily have a stash in the glove box for an emergency. Goodness knows they are handy regardless of whether your children suffer from car sickness, everyone is still prone to random illness.

And what stands this product apart from anything else is the anti-spill lock. If your child is sick in the car you can twist the bag and lock it in to prevent spillage. It will also help to contain the smell until you're able to stop somewhere to dispose of the bag appropriately.

I think they are brilliant. I'll most certainly always have a packet in my glove box. With three kids I'm sure to need them from time to time.

They are available online, as well as from a range of stockist. Visit the website to check out where your closest outlet is.

I'd certainly recommend this product to parents considering travelling with kids. For more information on this product, or to find out where you can buy your own travel sickness bags, visit the Chuckies Website.

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