Cot Canopy Review

August 2011

We recently had the opportunity to review the Cot Canopy.

It's a canopy that fits over most cots, portable and fixed and once installed provides instant darkness.

As a travel product this has some great features.

Firstly, when not in use it's very compact.

It comes in a little bag, which is not only handy for travel but helps protect the canopy when not in use.

Cot Canopy

Secondly, it is really easy to install.

It's fair to say I don't like things that are difficult.

When we go away I like to set everything up before I can sit down and relax.

So the fact that it only takes a few minutes to set up is a huge plus.

Finally, there are many different zipper compartments that allow you to control the level of darkness you want to create.

Furthermore there are some pockets allowing you to store dummies, and other bits and pieces for baby.

The Cot Canopy Comes in Two Sizes

When I initially attempted to trial it on our fixed cot it was simply too small, however I have since identified that this Canopy comes in two sizes and I had the smaller of the two sizes.

I'd definitely encourage you to know you're measurements before making a purchase to ensure you get the right size.

We did however trial it on our travel cot, which ultimately is when we'd use it most. This canopy is perfect for situations like camping or visiting family and friends, enabling you to put your baby to sleep regardless of the time of day.

This definitely makes it easier to maintain their existing routines.

Because I used it on the travel cot it did touch the ground and about an inch actually rested on the ground, this did concern me initially. I was concerned how dirty it might get if you were in fact using it for camping or the like.

But on further inspection of the canopy's features I found it is machine washable. This adds to its appeal, proving it is a simple product to use.

Cot Canopy


It comes in 2 sizes:

A small price to pay when a parent's sleep is on the line!

Dimensions when packed into carry bag: 45cm x 24cm x 13.5cm, 2.5kg.

Small fits cot sizes up to 130cm long, 110 cm high and 75cm wide with a top rail of no more than 4.5cm.

Large fits cot sizes up to 148cm long, 115cm high and 85cm wide with a top rail of no more than 4.5cm.

For details on how to purchase the canopy visit Content&Calm Cot Canopy

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