Family Vacation Destinations

Picking family vacation destinations can be tricky, especially if you have been saving for ages and want everything to be just right.

So, you need to decide where are you going to go? Do your research, firstly ask everyone in the family where they would like to go. Then look at the different options and consider the pros and cons.

What is the weather going to be like?

This is a huge factor in planning family vacation destinations.

Does your family prefer the warmer weather or are you more of a winter family. Either way if you want to enjoy yourself you might as well pick a destination that is going to suit your weather preferences.

Secondly, be prepared and have a back up plan for if things don't go as planned. E.g. you've headed away for your beach getaway and suddenly there is a massive wet patch for half of your vacation. What do you do then, do you have some indoor activities planned.

Whilst it is important to plan a vacation in weather that you prefer, plan for the unexpected and don't let the weather ruin what can still be a fantastic vacation.

How big is your budget for family vacation destination?

Plan family vacation destinations that are realistic. There is nothing worse than going away and then stressing out the whole time because you are on a really tight budget.

If you don't have a lot of money to spend, consider going for a shorter period of time. Or perhaps you should arrange accommodation that is fully self contained, allowing you to prepare meals each day rather than having to eat out all the time.

Do you want to head overseas, or are you happy to travel locally?

Kids Fun

Determining whether you should stay locally or go international will depend on your family. How do you think your kid's will go flying on an aeroplane? Will they cope with a change in weather? You want to get to your destination and enjoy yourself, the last thing you want is your kids suffering from jet lag or perhaps getting sick from the change in weather.

Check out our tips on flying with kids for more tips and advice on how to combat those issues.

All these things will impact on how much preparation you will need to do leading up to your trip.

Make sure you complete some research on your destination. There is nothing worse than getting home and then finding out about the wonderful things you could have done.

Call the local tourist information centre prior to your trip and get them to send out brochures on all the great things you can do.

Check out local websites too.

If you are traveling on a budget you may consider traveling outside of peak time. However only you can decide what is more important, budget or overall conditions.

For example, if you only plan a good vacation every five years, do you really want to save $1000 by traveling to, say, Fiji in the wet season? I'm guessing for most, that if you are already spending a few thousand dollars, you might as well spend that little extra to make sure you get the most out of your vacation.

However in saying that, by traveling in off peak season you will be avoiding large groups of tourists and this could be beneficial too.

You can find information, travel tips and personal experiences from trips in the USA, Caribbean and Europe.

Everything to make your next vacations memorable!

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