Kid Travel Bed

Sleep Options for Your Kids whilst Traveling

There is a company called the Kozy Koala™ and they have not only created a Kid Travel Bed, rather they have a series of beds to suit different families needs.

Kozy Koala Sleepmats

Kozy Koala Sleepmats are an all-in-one item.

At Kozy Koala they believe that it is an essential item for parents who have young children. They consist of a padded mat and attached sheet and removable polar fleece blanket that folds back into itself, creating a pillow for easy storage.

The Kozy Koala™ Sleepmat is machine washable and fast line drying. This is a definite advantage especially if you have children who might be of risk of 'accidents'.

They have two different sizes in these mats, the small one is 1.15m long and the large one is 1.45m long. So you can get a fair bit of life out of them before you're kids are likely to outgrow them.

If you're children are a bit sentimental to their own blanket, you can purchase the sleepmats without the polar fleece, and they can also be purchased with an inner waterproof fabric.

These are available in small (1.15m long) and large (1.45m long). Also available are sleep mats without the polar fleece blanket and others with an inner waterproof fabric (perfect for camping!)

Kozy Koala Sleepmat

Kozy Koala Pillow Sleeper

The Kozy Koala Pillow sleeper is a sleeping bag concept for children, that is an all-in-one item.

Kozy Koala Pillow Sleeper

It consists of a padded sleeping bag that folds back into "itself", creating a pillow. This is very nifty, especially as it means you are not at risk of losing the bag it comes in.

Kids will enjoy the novelty of being able to use it as a pillow whilst traveling as well as a sleeping bag when sleeping.

Plus the fact that if folds down makes it very portable and easy to store when not in use.

The Pillow Sleeper is approximately 150cm long by 54cm wide, so if you are purchasing it for your children you should get a fair bit of use out of it before they might outgrown it.

Like the Kozy Koala™ Sleepmat the Pillow Sleeper is machine washable and fast line drying too, which lets face it, any one on the go is going to look favorably upon this factor.

So regardless which of these two items you prefer for your family the Kozy Koala Company have been able to create some versatile products for traveling with Kids.

Kozy Koala Pillow Sleeper

They have their own website where you can find out more about these specific products.

Personally our family love to know that when we go somewhere even if it's to a friends place we are not relying on others to provide beds, bedding etc for our family. We reduce the inconvenience by bringing our own.

Plus you can definitely save money on accommodation when you use a kid travel bed like one of these.

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