Kids Eat Free Restaurants

What to consider when dining out with your family?

These days there are loads of options available when it comes to meal times including kids eat free restaurants, especially when you are on vacation / holidays.

Firstly, you can try and save a few dollars by eating breakfast at your room or maybe it is part of your accommodation package, either way by reducing the number of times you dine out each day, you're in turn reducing the amount you are spending on food.

Dining out with your family can get expensive! So how can we keep this to a minimum?

One simple and popular idea is to dine out at Kids Eat Free Restaurants.

Depending on the number of children in your family, your food bill when on vacation can quickly add up.

Most restaurants that offer a discount dining option for families will usually offer it on set evenings. So if you are out and about on your first day of your vacation, check out the different restaurants around and if you notice they only offer discounts or 'Eat free' deals on a particular night, make a booking for that night in a bid to save you money.

You can also search the internet prior to leaving for deals or coupons in the area you are planning to stay.

There are usually conditions that apply with these types of deals. Often you need to purchase an adults meal to get the free kids meal, this is reasonable but keep in mind if you have more than 2 children you will still need to pay for any additional kids meals.

The other thing to consider is most restaurants will class 'children' as 'under 12 years of age' so if your family consists of teenage children then a Kids eat free restaurant is probably not your best option.

Of course with any 'deal' there are pitfalls, and it's up to you to decide what is most important to you.

When we visited Fiji we had a 'kids eat free' deal. The problem was the kids could only eat at one restaurant out of five we had to choose from, and given the deal saved you quite a lot of money you were guaranteed to find every single family at the resort there.

This meant that we were stuck at a restaurant with a huge number of noisy, over tired, children and often parents who where frustrated by the whole situation.

Because the restaurant was designed to feed the masses of kids, the food was not of the highest quality and in turn really deteriorated the whole ‘resort holiday' experience.

As this was not a deal where we had to dine there too to get the discount, we quickly worked out the best option was to take the kids early get them their dinner and then venture to a more sophisticated restaurant the following hour.

As long as we pack the kids a couple of items to entertain them we were guaranteed a better dining experience.

So basically there is definitely money to be saved out there, find coupons or special deals relating to kids eat free restaurants.

But remember, you may be getting the same deal as every other family in the surrounding area and this is something you need to be comfortable with!

If you're in America or Canada check out this site, which allows you to search for 'kids eat free' deals around the country. And for those in other area's of the world there are a few similar sites available.

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