Kids Ski Clothes

And Kids Ski Equipment Essentials

Your kids ski clothes, including equipment are of utmost importance when planning a holiday at the snow.


Your kids clothing at the snow could be the make or break of a great experience.

There is nothing worse than being cold and wet and remaining that way throughout the day.

Ensure your kids have water proof clothing, let's face it they are likely to spend half the time on their backsides.

And of course, make sure your kids ski clothes fits well, there is no point having water proof clothing if you've purchased it in a size too big (hoping to get more than one season out of it) or they've out grown their current gear.

For younger kids you can't go past the all in one snow suit. You don't have to worry about clothing riding up and letting the snow in.

And accessorize. Gloves, hats and goggles are must haves.

Purchasing or buying kids ski clothes can be a hard decision for any parent. Here are some of the things you might want to consider: Budget, how much money do you have to spend on the initial outlay?

For some there will not be any options other than to rent, which can be a little less expensive. Perhaps write a list of all the items you need and purchase some whilst hiring others.

How frequently do you plan on going skiing? Will the kids have outgrown their gear before your next skiing adventure? Considering the idea above, why not buy the items they are less likely to outgrow. Perhaps purchase their goggles, a good beanie and some gloves.

Can you afford to spend more if you can resell? There are some great ways to resell your kids ski clothes and equipment after you've finished with it. If it's in good condition you can sell the items, reinvesting the money into the next lot of gear. EBAY is a great tool for selling second hand goods, however also consider ski shops, some might be willing to purchase your goods to hire or sell on consignment.

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Ski Equipment

If you purchase your families equipment, ensure your kids are with you at the time of purchase and have the equipment fitted to your child.

Check out our tips and advice on purchasing kids ski boots and kids snow skis.

In the event you are hiring the other equipment, it's important to hire gear that is specifically manufactured for kids, not adapted to fit them. Kid's needs are different to those of adults.

For example, the weight of the binding is a lot lighter in kids ski's compared with the adult version. Check out our guide on ski boot sizes to get an understanding of what size you think you'll need for your family.

The most important piece of ski equipment you can get any child is a ski helmet. This is something we certainly recommend you buy not hire.

They come in all sorts of styles these days so even the most fashion conscious child should be able to find something suitable. Helmets are crucial to protect their growing skull from any incidents that might occur.

Plus it will help elevate any anxiety you might have about letting them loose on the mountain (even with an instructor).

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