Margaret River
Australia's Hidden Gem

Margaret River is located 272 kilometres south of Perth in Western Australia. It is a fantastic rural destination.

The area is filled with Wineries and other great attractions, providing entertainment for the whole family.

If you are keen to visit some of the wineries in this region consider some of the wineries that offer play area's for the kids.

These include:

  • Cullen Winery
  • Driftwood Estate
  • Redgate Wines
  • Watershed Premium Wines (this was a personal favourite)

    and not forgetting the breweries
  • Duckstein Brewery
  • Colonial Brewing Company

Given the distance from Perth, it is highly recommended you plan your stops around some of the great tourist attractions along the way.

Cullen Winery

Our Margaret River Favorites

Our personal favourite was Busselton Jetty. However the most important thing we can tell you is that it is extremely popular.

So popular in fact that they were booked out when we were making our way down to there. So we compromised and made a booking there and then for our return journey. This just meant that whilst we were trying to plod along at our own pace, we were now committed to be somewhere at a particular day and time. But take our word for it, it was well worth it.

Now you are sure to please everyone in the family if you take the time to stop at the Margaret River Chocolate Factory, it is not only a chocolate shop it has a great little cafe too.

And if anyone in the family doesn't appreciate good quality chocolate then The Candy Cow is the shop for them. It's simply a lolly shop. But one that will be sure to make any kid's (or adult's) heart beat a little faster!

Yallingup Shearing Shed is another great family tourist attraction in the south west. With live shows and activities for the whole family, you are sure to find yourself busy for an afternoon.

And if you want to get in touch with some of the area's history, a must see is Caveworks, not only is this a great little eco centre you can also visit one of the caves.

We have been through Lake Cave, but one piece of advice if you want to go inside this cave, you need to be fit....very fit!

The region is one of these destinations that thrives on tourism, yet still feels like a well kept secret. When we made our trip, we did not have any children, however we behaved like kids ourselves. We'd visit fun tourist destinations during the morning and then relax and visit the wineries and breweries in the afternoon. Now that is a good holiday.

We will definitely be reliving this one with our kids.

Have you been to the Margaret River region? Why not tell us what you think. We are keen to share your feedback with our other readers.

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