Motion Sickness Wristbands

A great way to Prevent Travel Sickness in Children

Why Buy a Wristband?

Motion Sickness Wristbands are a great Drug Free Option for relief of travel / motion sickness.

Available through Family Travel Made Easy are PSI Bands fully adjustable bands that use acupressure to prevent and relieve motion sickness. Just place one on each wrist (fits up to an 8½" wrist) before travel.

Motion Sickness Wristbands

Benefits of the Wristband:

Unlike many other product on the market, PSI Bands are:

  • Drug-free,
  • Adjustable,
  • Comfortable,
  • Fashionable,
  • Waterproof,
  • Reusable,
  • Affordable

So, How Does it Work?

You need to position the PSI band on the inside of each wrist. An idea measurement would be 2 & 1/2 finger widths above the centre of your wrist crease between the tendons.

This placement is referred to as the Nei-Kuan acupressure point. For children, parents assistance will be required.

Then you need to rotate the dial so that the button is facing in and the dial out.

Size: 8-3/4" long x 5-8" wide

Weight: Less than 1/2 oz - for both wristbands

Materials: Thermoplastic rubber, Toyolac, ABS resin

See What Others Think!

We recommend the PSI bands for motion sickness when traveling, but you will see from the clip below they are also successful in reducing nausea for morning sickness and other illness's too.

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