Travel Cot Mattress 

Choosing a Safe Option for your Baby.

There is a great travel cot mattress on the market now called 'The sleepover'

Having not heard of this we simply added a thin piece of foam to the mat of our port-a-cot. That said there has been many safety concerns with this over the years.

People have been placing mattresses in the cots that are either not the right size or simply too thick. The consequence of this being, the risk of babies, rolling over and getting stuck between the mattress and the side of the cot, thus not getting enough oxygen.

Anyway, the people at 'the sleepover' have created an award winning product that is designed to fit into a standard port-a-cot.

It is a padded / fitted sheet, which provides cushioning for your baby.

It can be easily washed which of course is a necessity with babies!

The top of the sheet is filled with polyester fibre, creating a comfortable sleep environment for your baby.

It also fit's snug over the base of the cot like a normal fitted sheet fits over a bed.

The actual size is 75cm x 110cm which fits most portable cots.

This is the perfect solution for your port-a-cot.

We want our babies to be comfortable and sleep well and have peace of mind that they are safe, and you’ll get that with this product.

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