Vacations with Teenagers

Vacations with teenagers, really you need to start to think beyond travel with kids.

Firstly when planning a vacation with teenagers you need to think of the additional costs involved, a teenager will no longer fall under 'kids prices' so you'll essentially be paying for an additional adult.

Plus you'll need to consider the dynamics of your family, the ages of all your kids and how you'll ensure you meet all of their desires and expectations.

Below are some things you, as a parent will need to consider:It's important when traveling with a teenager that you ensure you give them some space, this means when you book your accommodation, ensure you pay that little extra to allow your teenager some privacy.

Whether that means you book a family suite with the extra room, or a B&B, it's up to you, but you'll enjoy each other's company a lot more if you can also get some time out.

Same goes for traveling to your destination. Ok so if you're driving you probably can't do all that much about it, the family car is what it is.

But if you're flying, don't sit the teenager right next to a younger sibling they are likely to get frustrated by being pigeon holed as 'one of the kids'. Depending on the personality of the teenager, ask them where they want to sit, do they want to sit next to mum or dad or would they prefer to sit in the row in front or maybe just across the aisle.

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