What to Pack for Vacation

So you need to think about what to pack for vacation right?

Well obviously we can't tell you exactly what to pack, this would vary depending on the weather and your destination.

Another variable would be who you're packing for. How many kids are coming and how much space do you have?

Don't forget there may be weight restrictions for any checked baggage, so you may have to pack mini versions of some items.

Here is a list of things to consider when thinking about what to pack for vacation.

Go ahead and get your pen and paper and start that packing list.

Jot down all the things mentioned on this page and those that will come to mind as you go.


When packing clothing for each day, try and pack clothes that coordinate with one another, that way you won't be left with a handful of clashing items toward the end of your trip.

Don't forget to pack clothing for the evening too. Something I often forget. I spend so much time thinking about what we will be doing each day and what outfits are appropriate for that, I often overlook 'sleep time'.


Most accommodation outlets will provide some toiletries, but nothing beats taking your own.

Trim down your makeup bag to a travel friendly version.

Think of your daily routine from the time you get out of bed to the time you leave the house. List all the products you usually use. Do this for each traveler.

I mean let's face it most of us have preferred brands of hair products. So unless you're pushed for space, take all your daily toiletry requirements with you.


This is especially important when traveling with kids.

There is nothing worse than being stuck in the middle of nowhere and in need of medications for your child.

It's better to cover all bases and use nothing than need something you don't have.

Keep in mind if you are flying it's important that you familiarize yourself with limitations that might be in place regarding liquids, at your home airport as well as any you might be traveling through.

You might want to include a small first aid kit, too.



Depending on your destination this might include passports, flight details / tickets, travel insurance documents and itineraries.


If you're a proud parent about to embark on a vacation with your family, no doubt you'll want to take the camera, maybe the video camera.

You may have an assortment of phones and tablets to take, as well.

If so don't forget the added accessories such as batteries, battery chargers, memory cards, sync cables, etc.

What to Pack for Vacation: ENTERTAINMENT

Everyone in the family will be looking to relax and enjoy themselves while on vacation, but depending on the individual this can be done in different ways. For adults a good book or magazine might be all that it takes.

For kids however, you might want to pack a digital game like a Nintendo DS, or MP3 Player, some coloring books or a combination of things.

Don't forget the chargers and headphones!

Using the above as a guide you are well on your way to packing for your vacation.

The best tip we could give is to start planning a week or more in advance.

This allows you to wash and prepare clothes, putting them aside ready for the pack, as well as ensuring you have all your other needs.

And if not it gives you plenty of time to go and get them!

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